At Future Star Studios, we believe that the best learning happens when you're feeling inspired and having fun, that's why we offer dynamic, exciting classes at Future Star Studios.

No matter what your level of experience - whether you're a serious performer or simply looking to try something new and have a good time - Future Star Studios courses are for you.

Our team is here to help you with any questions you may have - just email us at info@futurestarstudios.com or call us at 855-223-2782. We look forward to welcoming you.

For those who have a passion for TV, film, theater... Future Star Studios is multi-disciplined and offers a comprehensive insight into professional training. Many people see Future Star Studios as a bridge to a full time career, others simply see it as a challenge and exciting, fun opportunity to explore their creative side. Future Star Studios is open to everyone over 4 and we are very proud of the wide age range that Future Star Studios accommodates. The reasons for joining Future Star Studios are wide and varied.

At Future Star Studios among many other techniques, you will cover the following core skills:

Acting Development

Aims to develop: Acting techniques utilizing scene study, improvisation, naturalism and vocal and physical control: ‘Tools’ for creating characters: insight into a wide range of theatrical and dramatic genres: exercises to instill focus, relaxation and confidence: physical warm up and preparation exercises to form the basis of a disciplined and professional attitude: improvisational skills: an understanding and use of different theater practitioners’ techniques to improve concentration, focus, relaxation and performance skills: techniques to aid creation of characters to form the basis of the development of a secure physical and emotional technique.

Acting for Camera

Aims to develop: an understanding of different techniques for acting for camera: an understanding of the technical demands of screen acting: communicating emotion on camera.


Aims to develop a secure vocal and breathing technique: posture and stance: projection and volume: extension of vocal range: highlight diction and clarity.


Aims to develop: confident use of movement in physical development of characters: interpretation of characters through physicality: instill rhythm and accuracy in movement to music: secure and safe stage craft.

Our Singing lessons provide an excellent foundation for absolute beginners as well as for those who have had some basic vocal training.

You will learn how to use your voice in a healthy way, while exploring and extending the range of sounds / vocal styles that you can achieve.

Your voice will grow in strength, flexibility and musicality, giving you a sense of control and confidence when singing.

If you are a little nervous, don't worry as this course focuses on singing as a group. You may, occasionally, be asked to sing alone in order to check the correct application of techniques.

Whether you are tone deaf, or terrified, or just want to explore your voice a little more, then this is the perfect place to set your singing voice free.

Singing Skills Development

Each week will begin with a thorough vocal warm up before going on to develop your key singing skills.

It doesn't matter if you don't get it right first time around, it's all about practicing and enjoying singing together.

The musical repertoire is varied and will be chosen from many different styles to reflect your instructors vocal expertise and the taste of the group. Styles include: Musical Theatre, pop, rock, soul, jazz, folk and light classical.

Exact content may differ depending on your needs and course duration, but topics generally covered include:

A basic understanding of the workings of the vocal mechanism

How to achieve a good quality vocal performance while using your voice in a safe and healthy manner

Application of some fundamental acting through song techniques

Application of fundamental techniques to a simple song - repertoire: a pop/easy listening song

Working on a challenging group number

Modeling is exciting and rewarding but you need advice if you are new to the industry. If your dream has always been to become a model then we can assist you in your journey and help kick start your modeling career.

To become a model you need more then good looks and a good body. You need the right attitude, lots of ambition, and the determination to succeed. You need to have a likable personality as you will be working with teams of professionals who will expect you to be easy to get along with. You should be confident and able to strike up a conversation with new people. Diva behavior will not be tolerated.

Modeling can be a thrilling job choice and can be financially rewarding, however it is competitive so you need to have something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Becoming a model will not happen overnight. You need to create a professional looking and versatile portfolio showcasing yourself in the best light and then you need to get as much exposure for yourself as you can. This is where we can help you in your journey to becoming a model. We can help create your model portfolio, and we can help you find work. If you decide to enter the modeling industry you need to be prepared for some rejection as you will not get every casting you go for. Having a supportive family and network of friends is important.

Being a model can be a full time job. You need to take care of your appearance and ensure you have a healthy body, good skin, hair, nails, and you should keep fit. You should also take an interest in fashion and know how to dress yourself for castings. This is what we will teach you at Future Star Studios.

During your time at Future Star Studios our industry experts will discover what type of Model you could be. You could be suitable for High Fashion, Editorial, Commercial, Health & Fitness, or even promotional modeling. It is important to know what your market is and to target the right casting agents.

You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, so the old saying goes.

But it's easier said than done, especially if you are one of the millions of people for whom stepping onto the dance floor feels like a leap into the lion's den.

Future Star Studios Dance course will set you free to dance your heart out in any situation; whether in a club, at a wedding or even on stage.

We take out the fear factor and replace it with the confidence you need to feel at home in your dancing shoes.

This course is suitable for members looking to improve coordination, link moves together and create a fluent dance style.

You'll pick up all the dance essentials from co-ordination, isolations, dance terminology, traveling steps, and, most importantly, rhythm.

But, best of all, you'll have a lot of fun.

That's the reason dance exists, when all's said and done.

Dance Skills Development

Our Dance Class is perfect for those with no experience, or those looking to start from scratch again...

Exact course content may differ depending on course length and your needs but topics covered will generally include:

- Isolations and Transitions learning how to link your moves together by using body parts.

- Traveling Steps how to move from one move to the next while covering areas using dance.

- Teamwork and Confidence learning choreography and routines in groups.

- Rhythm and Timing Learn a routine beat by beat and improve your musicality.

- Basic Technique Learn turns, routines and improve coordination of head, arms and body alignment.

Above all our classes are fun and social places to learn.


Teaching Faculty

All Future Star Studios instructors are experienced professionals from theatre, film, TV and the performance industries. 

Class sizes are restricted and Future Star Studios courses are usually booked up well in advance. However, there is the opportunity to see the studios: meet the instructors: ask questions: confirm which course is right you and even participate in a class at one of our Open Days – all for FREE. To book your Open Day please email openday@futurestarstudios.com.

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